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Bridal Shower Food Ideas and Displays

Every event held anywhere must involve menu to serve as main facilitation for the guests. Bridal shower is a kind of event where many guests of the newlyweds gathering. They are close friends, colleagues, relatives and neighbors who surround the newlyweds in certain period of time. It is a good respect to serve them bridal shower food at this special moment of the newlyweds. There are numerous concepts of food which are available to choose. It is not only about the food actually. We should know the right way of how to display them well on the menu table.

Bridal Shower Food Display

As like baby shower party, the bridal shower food involves some kinds of ordinary menu. The menu usually includes sweet, sour, spicy and salty food to serve. A right beverage is a must to accompany the foods. And we can choose both food and beverage menus depending on the bridal shower theme and budget. Cupcake is the most imperative food for bridal shower event. This cute small cake becomes the most practical food which is commonly selected by the newlyweds in their bridal shower. It is because the cupcake is very sweet and attractive due to its decoration and topping. Additionally, the cupcakes come in extremely smaller size than usual cake. This fact can ease us to serve the cupcake to the guests without leaving dirty plates left anywhere. Don’t forget to prepare more kinds of food besides the cupcakes. This method gives more pleasant time for vegetarian or other special guests to choose their favorite food. Besides cupcakes for the bridal shower, we may have ice cream for desert. Serve chocolate or strawberry ice cream in a unique glass and then place the glasses on the menu table.

Bridal Shower Food Menu

Bridal Shower Food Ideas

For the bridal shower food display, we should prepare one or more long tables to serve the food on. Try to place the table on two different spots in the venue. This action is useful to minimize the queue line of the guests. Utilize dining utensil with unique and cute shapes to beautify the food display. For the cupcakes, we can use tiered plate to minimize the space. Don’t afraid to use colorful pots for beverage for the bridal shower. Put some vases of flowers as decoration between the foods. And try to put a food name label on each kind of food plate.

Bridal Shower Food Theme

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