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Winter Wedding Dresses in Queen of Snow Style

Have you ever watched Narnia? Narnia is trilogy movie which is intentionally made for imaginative children. Well, in the first trilogy of Narnia, there is a bad character called Queen of Snow. She is so beautiful that all men fall in love with her. As a Queen of Snow, she has white fair skin and red lips to adore. Well, it not only that fact which makes us talking about her. She usually wears amazing dresses which is specifically designed to show her glory and elegance. Anyway, this time, we will show you several winter wedding dresses in Snow Queen Style.

Winter Wedding Dresses 2013

Sheath dress with fit waist line looks quite ordinary for Queen of Snow image. But this dress is covered by metallic silver scheme to make it exclusive as a Queen costume. This metallic silver wedding dress is elegant with grey fur attached on appropriate position of the dress. Furthermore, the silver winter wedding dresses become more glorious with strapless neckline cut. The neckline cut is decorated by stylish pattern that looks like large snow flower. Of course these stylish embellishments also come in silver scheme to match the whole dress color. For finishing touch, the bride will be allowed to wear a white crown with fur balls on her head. There will no veil supporting this silver wedding gown. That elegant crown is enough to support your appearance as a Queen of Snow in your wedding kingdom.

Winter Wedding Dresses with Fur

Winter Wedding Dresses Lace Sleeves

For those who love short winter wedding dresses, some models of it are displayed in the same picture. The dress comes in A-line dress cut with above-knee-length concept. This short dress involves spaghetti straps idea with V-neckline cut. Artistic patterns of snow flower are drawn to cover the entire short dress. The dress background color is in grey, while the pattern of snow flower comes in white. Do you get the description? To give cooler look on the dress, white knee-length-boots made of fur must be worn by the bride. In this case, the fur boots are functional to make the simple short dress for winter wedding extraordinary. Some more dresses in Queen of Snow style are displayed for more inspiration.

Winter Wedding Dresses with Sleeves

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