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Celtic Rose Gold Ring with Artistic Details

Celtic Rose gold ring can be your gorgeous wedding, engagement and even usual jewelry to have. The gold ring is specifically designed to bring much Celtic culture onto the design. The basic concept of this Celtic ring is actually only found on the detail or carving texture. In general, all things found on the ring are similar with standard ring made of gold. It is made with a single band to accommodate the carving and motifs detail. The ring is also available in unusual style concept. For example, the Celtic ring doesn’t involve any detail or pattern on the band but it incorporates floating texture which is able to touch.

Celtic Rose Gold Ring 2013

Well, the Celtic Rose gold ring is actually as simple as we can expect. The first Celtic ring for wedding comes as a couple set. Both rings are made of gold in white and yellow scheme. The white gold is used for groom’s ring, while the yellow gold is used for bride’s ring. Both rings involve a unique motif which looks like a strand of chain in complicated detail. This chain motif is in yellow gold scheme. And to contrast and emphasize the detail of this gold chain pattern, black material is used as background behind the gold motifs. These chain concepts including the color scheme is applied on both groom and bride’s rings. The clear differences found on the both rings are only the gold scheme and size application to match the gender of wearers. Well, if you want to get yellow gold for both groom and bride’s rings, we will get it as desire. It is because this Celtic patterned ring is available in several color versions to select.

Celtic Rose Gold Ring Ideas

Celtic Rose Gold Ring Designs

Another Celtic Rose gold ring comes with stylish carving accent. The ring is basically designed with single band. The back side of band appears as like usual round band of ring. In this case, artistic carving details are attached on the front side of the ring band. Two precious materials are used to give different scheme on the Celtic ring. They are white gold and bronze. Both materials are utilized to cover some unique carving patterns as ring decoration. At the same time, some tiny diamond grains are attached inside the pattern to make the ring stunning.

Celtic Rose Gold Ring Innovation

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