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Wetland Camo Rings for Men Ideas in 2013

Talking about Wetland camo rings for men, dark scheme of Wetland seems masculine enough to dominate the men camo ring collection. Well, unlike the women ring in Wetland camo motifs, men ring offers simpler detail on the ring design. It includes only a simple line detail along the thick band or clearer camo pattern covering the whole surface of the external ring side. Mostly, the men Wetland camo ring is made of titanium, platinum or white gold. These materials are typically applied to cover the internal side of the ring band, not the external side. The Wetland camo motif is detail which is commonly utilized to cover the whole surface of the ring exterior side.

Wetlands Camo Rings for Men Images

Although there is no any ornament or embellishment installed on the Wetland camo rings for men, 2013 camo ring collection tries to focus in displaying the natural scent of the Wetland camouflage pattern on the exterior side of ring. Since the camo might appear in various styles and shapes, the Wetland camo ring must be available in numerous color and motif options to choose. Some samples of style and color are displayed in four pictures here. We can choose one of them as your 2013 wedding ring idea in Wetland camo concept. Combination of light cream and brown on the camo ring scheme looks very calm for men’s character. This camouflage ring actually involves abstract pattern style which is not quite clear to guess. This pattern mostly displays such vertical line in cream and brown scheme. And there is little dark accent among them to give more texture of Wetland.

Wetlands Camo Rings for Men Photos

Wetlands Camo Rings for Men Styles

The Wetland camo rings for men also appear in darker scheme to consider. This dark ring basically uses black platinum as basic material. As like other camo patterned ring, the black metal only covers the interior and edge line of the ring exterior side. This black camo ring is featured by dark brown and cream colored pattern to support the camouflage motif. This kind of dark camo ring is actually very compatible for men. It is because the dark scheme of ring reflects the strength and masculinity of men.

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