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Tiffany Blue Ring with Irresistible Touch

In world of jewelry, Tiffany is very outstanding house of jewelry among the society especially women. Tiffany is a center of rings which always gives us various irresistible engagement and wedding even common rings collection. Lately, Tiffany blue ring becomes the newest product which sold in this famous jewelry center. The design of the ring is cuter and more elegant. We can see some Tiffany rings collection in blue in some pictures below. Now, it is your time to choose one of them to match your style and budget indeed. Let’s begin this simple description from the simplest one.

Tiffany Blue Ring Bearer Pillow

There are three general Tiffany blue ring styles which displayed by the pictures. Those third rings are made of white gold with some tiny grains of diamond and a big Tiffany blue stone as main embellishment between the grains. Two of those third rings have the same blue diamond oval cut. Little difference is found on the grains of diamond application. The first oval Tiffany blue oval ring has fewer diamond grains than another one. Some diamond grains are attached to frame the oval blue diamond. Some others are arranged in line along the ring band but they only cover half length of the band only. As like the first oval Tiffany blue diamond ring, the second ring also involves diamond grains and a bigger blue diamond as embellishment. The difference is this second ring has more diamond grains to frame the oval blue diamond in double line. The grains of diamond are also used to fully cover the ring band. Thus, your finger will look sparkling in this popular Tiffany ring style.

Tiffany Blue Ring Box

Tiffany Blue Ring Pillow

The third Tiffany blue ring comes in Marquis Diamond cut. The blue diamond is formed in rhomboid shape. And it is supported by slim white gold ring band with wider band size on the top near the rhomboid stone. The slim band is decorated by artistic carving detail. The detail is certainly very small to match the width of the ring band. Even we can see some tinier white diamond grains are attached inside the detail as additional embellishment on the ring.

Tiffany Blue Ring Bearer

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