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Bridal Shower Gift Basket Ideas to Remember

When it comes with a bridal shower, there are two kinds of bridal shower gift basket ideas. The first one is created for the newlyweds, whereas another one is designed for the guests. Well, both sides need the gift to remind them about this memorable bridal shower moment. Thus, what is kind of bridal shower basket gift idea for both newlyweds and guests? Are they the same to each other? Of course they are not. Since the receiver is different, no wonder that the bridal shower gift basket is different for each other. Let’s find the best idea of the bridal shower gift basket for the newlyweds and guests below.

Bridal Shower Gift Basket Ideas for Guests

A basket of wine bottles can be great bridal shower gift basket ideas for the newlyweds. We have discussed it in some previous posts before. A rattan basket may contain of six to eight bottles of wine. And then every bottle must have a label to inform a special moment when the newlyweds can drink the labeled wine. Some special moments such as wedding night, first year of wedding, first baby, second baby, silver and gold anniversary can be considered to set. Make your own wine label by imitating movie ticket design and shape. It must be so attractive that the newlyweds can not be calmed in waiting for the next moment in their new life. Another gift idea contains of several guests’ comment about the newlyweds wedding written on a sheet of paper. These paper sheets can be stored in a medium flat box as a special gift for the newlyweds. Don’t forget to add a wall art that contains of several bride and groom’s photos when they started to like each other until the wedding moment done.

Bridal Shower Gift Basket Ideas Make

Bridal Shower Gift Basket Ideas for the Bride

The second bridal shower gift basket ideas are designed for the guests. As their party host, you must give them a special item to remind them about your big day. Small rattan basket can be filled with a cute accessory and a note. Some accessory kinds can be considered to pick. They are personalized coffee cup, a couple of pork and spoon, a jar of aroma therapy balls and many more. Don’t forget to wrap it with a beautiful paper or plastic to stunning the basket gift.

Bridal Shower Gift Basket Ideas Theme

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