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Wedding Hairstyles Short Curly Hair a La Lady Diana

Do you still remember Lady Diana? Well, yes, she is a mother of Prince William and Harry. She was very beautiful with her short curly hair. Nowadays, we are going to bring her majesty short curly hairstyle to this modern era. Wedding hairstyles short curly hair in this modern era is quite different from the era of Princess Diana. Currently, we have high technology which can be used to produce so many creative hair accessories. Well, don’t you know that short curly hair not require too much arrangement? We can appear beautifully only with our natural short curly hair of course. And this hairstyle is truly recommended for modern brides.

Wedding Hairstyle Short Curly Hair 2013

The essential point in creating the wedding hairstyles short curly hair is accessory selection. Unlike the wedding hairstyle with longer hair cut, the short curly hair cut doesn’t need any arrangement and treatment to make it stylish. It is because short curly hair has special wild texture which is similar with high level hairstyle concept. Do you get it? Well, by allowing your curly hair appears naturally, we can make your appearance even more elegant than the bride with difficult hairstyle. We only need one or some hair accessories such as head band, head piece, some pins, flowers or rubber. If you want to look as beautiful as Lady Diana, let your blonde curly hair comes as the way it is. We can apply little gel to keep your bang stylish in curving line. And for the final touch, we can wear a small silver tiara to lock this bang innovation.

Wedding Hairstyle Short Curly Hair Pictures

Wedding Hairstyle Short Curly Hair Images

If you have curly hair with tight curly type, we can use gel to give wet effect on your hair. And then we can wear slim head band with flower to decorate it. The flower ornament should be located near your ear. It will look very eye catching on your head. If you have very short curly hair, the wedding hairstyles short curly hair may be adorable with flower lace head piece. This flower lave is easy to wear. There is long strap which can be tied over your head on the back.

Wedding Hairstyle Short Curly Hair Ideas

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