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Wedding Hairstyles Shoulder Length Concepts

In general tradition, wedding always comes with various things in white, beautiful and formal including bride’s hairstyle. The hairstyle of the bride usually comes in bun concept as one of hairdo idea. Bun is certainly very formal and perfect at wedding. Unfortunately, it looks very conservative for modern bride. Most modern brides lately prefer to loose their hair naturally on their shoulder and back. That’s why wedding hairstyles shoulder length concepts become a favorite choice at everyone’s big day.

Wedding Hairstyles Shoulder Length 2013

The wedding hairstyles shoulder length is truly compatible for any hair type such as curly, straight and wavy. Those hair types should be in midi length of course. The significant thing that we have to arrange and modify is the top part of that midi hair. The top hair area is a good place to apply any hairstyle concept. Let’s see what we can find in this article. A straight dark brown hairstyle with curly detail behind looks very stunning for spring wedding. At the first step, the shoulder length dark brown hair is brushed smoothly. And then little part of top hair is taken to make unique French braids. The rest of the dark brown on the back is rolled so that it looks curly and elegant. Hair spray is used gently to keep it durable during the wedding then. For finishing touch, three white flowers are inserted in the curling hair. We can use pins to keep them save in appropriate position during the party. Once the hairstyle has been ready, we don’t have to wear any veil to cover it. You will still look gorgeous only with this shoulder length hairstyle anyway.

Wedding Hairstyles Shoulder Length Hair  Wedding Hairstyles Shoulder Length Hair Veil

The second wedding hairstyle shoulder length is very natural with back swept bang. This wavy blonde hairstyle only requires hair spray and some pins to build it. The shoulder length hair is basically brushed. The long bang on the front your face is swept to the back with longer side hair framing your face sweetly. It looks very flirty and cute. And finally, we may use diamond hairpin to lock the bang on the back side.

Wedding Hairstyles Shoulder Length Ideas

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