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Long Hair Mohawk Updos for Punk Girl

The latest fashion development offers numerous fashion style ideas to accept or decline. Well, fortunately, most young women in this modern era always accept this change of fashion style. No wonder that we can find so many fashion styles found around the world worn by everybody. Punk fashion style is one of youngest fashion trend. It is identical with metallic embellishment, dark colored dressing concept, wild and naughty style. Certain women and men adore this style so much especially if they have a rock band. Mohawk is the most popular hairstyle for this punk fashion style. For men, this hairstyle is very usual. And in this case, long hair Mohawk updos is perfect for women.

Long Hair Mohawk Updos 2013

Let’s find what the typical characteristic of Mohawk hairstyle on men. Men basically have shorter hair than women. However, to make the Mohawk hairstyle, men should grow their hair a bit longer than usual. Basically, the both side hair parts will be shaved by leave the middle hair part behind. This middle part of hair will be arranged in standing position. It means you will see this part of hair in spiky style. Sometimes, gel is not needed to make it spiky. The hairstylist only has to let the middle hair thick enough to stand as natural as possible. Well, that is the basic term of Mohawk hairstyle for men. The long hair Mohawk updos is purposely applied for girl who has longer hair than men. Of course the concept of the Mohawk is similar with the men. The difference is only on the longer hair which is located on the middle line of head. Shaved accent is still applied on both sides of the spiky hair as the characteristic of the Mohawk hairstyle.

Long Hair Mohawk Updos Images

Long Hair Mohawk Updos Ideas

Some modifications sometimes are done by some women who don’t shave their beautiful long hair. But the willingness to apply the Mohawk hairstyle can not be left behind. Thus, the long hair Mohawk updos should be a great solution for this condition. We don’t have to shave our long hair as like ideal Mohawk hairstyle do. We only have to arrange our long hair in ponytail alike. And then set your hair in spiky look by using gel and hair spray. Don’t forget to locate the spiky hair on the middle line from bang to the end of head.

Long Hair Mohawk Updos Styles

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