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Gothic Updos Long Hair Female Style Ideas

Everything is going to be dark in gothic themed wedding. Well, mysterious accent is very expected to apply in this kind of wedding style. No wonder that most Emo or gothic bridals are always identical in black and sometimes red. Of course this dark concept also influences some aspects found at the wedding such as wedding dress, suits, decoration, makeup and hairstyle. Of course the makeup will look frightening than usual wedding makeup. It typically involves black smoky eyes, black or red lips and pale face. This frightening concept is usually similar with the gothic hairstyle. One of favorite gothic style wedding hairstyle is gothic updos long hair style.

Gothic Updos Long Hair 2013

The gothic updos long hair style has another name. It is also well-known as bun hairdo style. But this time, the hairdo gothic bun is very different from usual wedding bun hairstyle. The gothic updos bun hairstyle is more creative than standard bun hairstyle for wedding. Most women who love gothic or Emo theme are more interested in various unusual model and concept of the hairstyle. That’s why the gothic hairstyle looks very different with usual hairstyle bun which is typically seen at general bridal. However, the gothic hairstyle concept certainly has a purpose regarding to this mysterious wedding style. The hairstyle of gothic theme is intentionally designed to impress people who see it. The design commonly comes in strange even odd models. Some samples are displayed in this article. One of them offers very high updos hairstyle bun. First of all, the hair of the bride applies very black hair color dye. This dying concept is useful to give more mysterious nuance on the gothic bride appearance.

Gothic Updos Long Hair Ideas

Gothic Updos Long Hair Concept

And then the gothic updos long hair is arranged in such a way to form a high bun. The height of bun is about five inches. And it looks very gorgeous though it doesn’t incorporate any ornament such as headband or headpiece. The gothic hairstyle is able to appear simpler in natural hair look. In this case, the hair is long with sausage curly accent. A plain veil with black lace framing it looks very amazing covering your natural black hair. We can wear a sparkle tiara to keep the veil and hair together.

Gothic Updos Long Hair Styles

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