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Long Hair Updos Messy for Sexy Lady

Are you a single man? Do you have a big or little sister at home? If you do, try to look at them when they just woke up in the morning. What did you see? You must see messy hair framing their oily face with sleepy half open eyes. Do you think that they are sexy? Well, when you have married, you will see your wife sexiness when she just woke up. Ladies, the point of those explanations is that becoming a sexy woman is very easy currently. Since you are pretty creative in arranging a hairstyle, try to apply long hair updos messy to give the sexy accent on your appearance.

Long Hair Updos Messy 2013

In general, when we came into a formal party, we would see many women in long hair updos hairstyle. This formal hairstyle is very tidy without any messy point there. Well, this tidy hairstyle is probably a good hairstyle to represent your class and taste in fashion. Unfortunately, it also becomes too conservative for young lady like you. Main concept of long hair updos messy hairstyle is very simple. This hairstyle involves usual updo bun to make your hair neat on your head. The attractive point of this hairstyle is located on the messy accent. Messy concept is purposely applied on your hairdo bun to give natural and sexy touch. And to create this messy accent on your hair is very simple. We are not allowed to make it in a stable method. We only have to do it purposely by messing up your hair softly in order to not mess your main hair bun up.

Long Hair Updos Messy Images

Long Hair Updos Messy Ideas

Some creative innovations are able to apply on your long hair updos messy. For example, we can curly some parts of your straight hair before setting it into a bun. This curly hair part should add sexier accent on your hair especially on the top side of your head. Compare with usual bun hairstyle, the messy updos hairstyle doesn’t require hairstyle as ornament. In this hairstyle idea, it is better to wear dazzling earrings. Chandelier earrings look perfect to emphasize the messy bun hairstyle indirectly.

Long Hair Updos Messy Styles

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