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Wedding Hairstyles Retro Concept Ideas

Retro wedding dress style is very identical with tea-length dress cut. The dress is very elegant in A-line dress cut. The sleeves and neckline cuts are available in various models. It depends on your desire to wear it in the big day. Some samples of retro style wedding dresses can be read in the previous articles before. Now, let’s talk about wedding hairstyles retro to match your retro bridal gown. High hairdo is a main characteristic of retro hairstyle for wedding. It includes big or small bun to apply on the back top of your head. The retro wedding hairstyle is certainly a classic hairstyle concept especially with the retro tea-length dress without long veil as usual.

Wedding Hairstyles Retro 2013

The wedding hairstyles retro comes with a big bun on the low back side of your head. The bun is arranged as neat as possible. Bang on the front side of face is swept to the side. Gel is used to keep it wet and tidy. Different with the wedding hairstyles short curly hair, the retro wedding hairstyle doesn’t require accessory to decorate it. Some hairstyle ideas such as braids, curling and bouffant are enough to replace usual hair accessories. Braid is the most popular hairstyle idea which is commonly used in retro hairstyle for wedding. The braid is not as long as usual braid strands. The braid is only applied to give a texture on your bun side. The braids are typically applied above your ears. It may be designed elegantly in round, zigzag and crossing pattern. And it only needs hair spray to keep it tidy in long period of time.

Wedding Hairstyles Retro Styles

Wedding Hairstyles Retro Ideas

The same hairdo wedding hairstyles retro is perfect with net veil to cover a part of your face side. The net veil may attach ruffle straps or tassel as ornament. The net veil color usually follows the color of the dress. And you will perfectly know it. If you don’t want to wear any veil, there are many big hair pin which is made of hard material such as plastic, stainless steel or wood. Sometimes, it is made of the same material as like tiara. Furthermore, it comes in very stylish shape to match your wedding dress style. We can wear this hair accessory to lock your bun on the back. Or it can be amazing as above-ear decoration only.

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