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Unique Promise Rings for the Cutest Bride Ever

Have you proposed your cute girlfriend or fiancé to marry you? If you haven’t done it yet, it will be a better action to find unique promise rings for her. A couple of ring is very essential in time like this especially to persuade your girl. A unique ring concept perfectly will be successful in this proposing method. It is because generally many women love her romantic men like you. Let’s find the best unique wedding ring for your beloved girl friend. We are going to help you with several promise rings collection below.

Unique Promise Rings for Couples

Love is a thing which typically can not be seen normally with your eyes. It is a kind of feeling which grows in your deepest soul accidentally when you met a right person. In the Valentine day, we usually see that love is symbolized by heart shape in red and pink color. By the way, the first and second unique promise rings come with heart shape ornament to choose. Both heart rings are made of white gold with some diamonds decorating it. The first and second promise rings are different in design. According to the pictures, the first ring is created with a heart shape ornament attached as ring topping. This heart shape is a part of the ring metallic band. A specific pattern is drawn elegantly on the heart ornament to make it cute and feminine for the bride. At the same time, some tiny diamond grains in rhomboid shape are attached randomly inside and outside the heart ornament. These grains are expected to give sparkling effect on the ring properly.

Unique Promise Rings for Men

Unique Promise Rings for Girls

The second heart promise ring involves couple of heart shaped ornaments. Both heart ornaments are connected to each other as the ring embellishment. Unlike the first ring, this second ring is designed neatly and clearly. Every heart has a diamond attached on the middle part to beautify it. And some curving accents are built to add the elegance of the unique promise rings. Furthermore, some diamond stones are arranged horizontally along the band on each side of the heart ornament. Both unique wedding rings are displayed in two pictures here. We can see the detail clearly from them.

Unique Promise Rings for Women

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