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Etsy Engagement Ring in Shabby Chic Concept

Pre-owned rings are available in many jewelry stores either online or offline. And Etsy becomes one of those old jewelry providers which offers Etsy engagement ring in shabby chic look. Well, as like other shabby chic products, the old fashioned engagement ring by Etsy is certainly adorable with its vintage style. Some rings are available to select as you wish. And most of them appear irresistibly in modest and graceful look as like the rings that usually appears in retro period.

Etsy Engagement Ring Box

Iron Etsy engagement ring is one of the vintage rings for engagement moment designed by Etsy. In this case, black iron is used to make very thin wire. And then it will be designed as base ring shape complete with a rough crown as ring ornament platform. Basically, the crown platform looks like a cone frame with thin circle wire on the top. There are four sharp prongs which come from the cone below. Finally, those prongs are useful to grab a precious stone which is the engagement ring ornament. A very tiny clear diamond or crystal is cut in prism shape. The size of the stone has been fitted with the prongs arrangement. Thus, both stone and prong will match each other as a great ornament of the black iron wire engagement ring by Etsy. Pearl is another ring ornament idea by Etsy. Pearl is popular in retro era to beautify a vintage promise ring. This time, Etsy utilizes yellow gold to be the basic material of the retro ring.

Etsy Engagement Ring Styles

Etsy Engagement Ring Ideas

Thin round band makes the vintage ring more classic and nice. Wavy detail made of silver or white gold is attached on small part of the ring band. The wavy detail is essential to give such rough texture along the ring band. In simple style, a small ivory pearl ball is attached tightly on the wavy detail area. A pearl seems enough to make this vintage Etsy engagement ring glorious and exclusive. If you desire, you may add two smaller pearls to place on both sides of the big pearl. But you should be careful to keep those pearls tight enough installed on the ring platform.

Etsy Engagement Ring Vintage

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