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Tiffany’s Blue Round Ring for Young Bride

Tiffany is always trusted as the most favorite destination to get high qualified rings for engagement and wedding. Lately, Tiffany creates some rings collection which is designed specifically for young brides. Tiffany’s blue round ring is trendy rings collection for young bride to choose. On this young bride ring collection, Tiffany tries to apply blue round diamond as main ornament on the ring. And unlike common Tiffany wedding ring, the Tiffany blue round band for young lady is purposely designed gracefully with little stone cut concept.

Tiffany Blue Round Ring 2013

One of the Tiffany’s blue round ring models is displayed in a picture here. It is truly made of white gold with slim round band style. The thickness of this blue round ring by Tiffany is actually set to match the young bride finger size. In addition, the thickness of the ring band is intentionally designed to look fresh and contemporary based on the latest ring trend. A small and high platform is attached on the top part of the ring. This white gold platform is used to be a good location where a small clear blue round diamond installed. Well, the small blue diamond certainly looks very clear as pure as the bride’s soul and heart. Besides coming in modern design concept, the Tiffany’s blue round diamond ring is available in old fashioned concept. Victorian and Edwardian ring concepts seem pretty romantic to be a promise ring for the young bride. Basically, the vintage ring is designed with slim round band. Bigger platform still becomes great typical feature on the vintage ring.

Tiffany Blue Round Ring Styles

Tiffany Blue Round Ring Images

That’s why we should fill this bigger platform with bigger blue diamond. We can place a big round blue diamond on the middle of platform. And then we can use some tiny white or blue diamond grains to frame the biggest diamond stone. The Tiffany’s blue round ring will look extremely elegant with more diamond grains covering the ring band. Luckily, the Tiffany blue wedding ring for young bride will be more attractive with a big brown or yellow diamond and smaller blue diamond grains as ornament. The wedding ring with that innovative idea must be perfect for your young character.

Tiffany Blue Round Ring Ideas

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