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Trends Engagement Rings 2013 with Luxurious Stones

In general, many stone types which are usually used to beautify various ring models for engagement and ring moment. And new trends engagement rings 2013 seem very attractive with luxurious stone ideas such as diamond, emerald, opal, turquoise, amethyst and many more. Well, the role of precious stone on the ring is very imperative to influence the appearance quality of the ring itself. No wonder that the ring looks too ordinary without any stone to decorate it.

Trends Engagement Rings 2013 Collections

Latest trends engagement rings 2013 with luxurious stones are displayed in some pictures here. We suggest several models of ring to be chosen by you. In this case, we will select the ring depending on the beauty of the precious ornament stone. One of the pictures shows us a beautiful white gold ring for engagement with yellow diamond stone. The yellow scheme of the stone looks very wonderful and calm especially for adult women like you. In addition, the yellow diamond engagement ring is specifically designed with two different models to select. The first ring is basically created with very slim band made of white gold. Three diamonds are designed in rectangular shape. Those third diamonds are in different color. A bigger diamond is in clear yellow tone with stylish texture on the surface. The two others are in white as usual with smaller size than the yellow diamond. The third diamonds are arranged as the ring ornament in white-yellow-white set.Trends Engagement Rings 2013 Sale

Trends Engagement Rings 2013 Designs

Second model of new trends engagement rings 2013 use yellow gold as the ring main material. This time, the application of yellow gold gives a glorious effect on the engagement ring. It is because the scheme is quite similar with the yellow or bronze ornament stone on the ring. We can see it in a picture for clearer description. The application of luxurious stone on the engagement ring is very attractive actually. The ring looks extremely elegant with a stone that is designed in Rose cut. The Rose detail is displayed crystal clearly with curve and curly line on it. And the elegance of it is supported by the yellow scheme applied on the stone itself.

Trends Engagement Rings 2013 Styles

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