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Short Vintage Hairstyles Ideas for Classy Lady

Having very long haircut is a kind of proud for every woman in this world. Well, everybody knows that growing the long hair must need much time until the long hair reaches your hip or back. By having the long hair, various feminine haircuts are available to apply completing your daily fashion style. Unfortunately, too long keeping this very long hair is not comfortable for some women especially during summer. Why don’t you try shorter haircut specifically for summer time only? It must be so exiting since you will look fresher in the hottest season. Short vintage hairstyles seem to be a great solution for this. It is a god time to appear classy in shorter haircut. And we can get it by applying this retro hairstyle.

Short Vintage Hairstyles for Weddings

Do you know bob haircut? Well, this short or medium hairstyle is quite popular among women. This haircut becomes outstanding because of its cut concept. With short or medium hair length, shorter layers are applied to give more volume on your haircut. Sharper or tapered haircut is applied on both front hairs to frame your face elegantly. Generally, the short vintage hairstyles have the same haircut concept like the bob haircut. But this short retro haircut doesn’t involve the tapered cut on the front. The hair is cut in similar length without shorter layer to give volume effect on it. The most basic feature which is found on this retro hairstyle is the wet curling hair. Of course you straight hair should be rolled firstly to create the curled hair look. And those curled hairs must look wet naturally.

Short Vintage Hairstyles How to

Short Vintage Hairstyles with Bangs

In this case, we can use hair gel to keep your short vintage hairstyles wet. Unlike usual curly hair, the short retro hairstyle shows the wavy hair elegantly though it is not your original hair texture. Straight hair texture is typically found on the top of head, while the wide wavy hair is found along the hair surrounding your head. Side swept bang is usually selected to complete this retro haircut. It comes in straight bang texture to contrast the wavy hair. In conclusion, both hair textures are still suitable to combine together.

Short Vintage Hairstyles Women

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