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Casual Short Haircuts for Boring Haircut Solution

Well, women seem to be always popular with their feminine character. It is typically emphasized by their natural appearance in long haircut and girlish fashion style. Since we were only talking about the hairstyle today, let’s focus only on it. With long haircut, women certainly look more feminine and grace though not all women love this feminine hairstyle. Are you one of them? Anyway, there are so many casual short haircuts ideas which are trendy enough for you who feel bored with the long haircut. Shorter haircut seems effective to make your head slighter and fresher. It is because you don’t have to bear heavy weight of your long hair anymore. Furthermore, we don’t have to worry about hot atmosphere during the summer with the shorter haircut.

Casual Short Haircut for Pictures

It is so exiting, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter if you really want to cut off your hair. It is completely your right after all. The important point here is you have to be selective in choosing the right casual short haircuts which are suitable for your face shape and latest trend of hairstyle. Generally, there are several face shape types such as round, square, upside down triangle, oval and heart. Every face shape has its own beauty as a personal character of someone. And as like a dress, each face shape has different hairstyle ideas to cover it. For instance, we can not apply thin and straight long hair style for round face. The round face will look even chubbier with this hairstyle. It will be a good solution, if we cut the hair off into a very short haircut with little spiky accent on the top. And then we can add thin short bangs rarely to smaller the round face. If you desire, medium bob haircut with long side swept bang will thinner your chubby face effectively.

Casual Short Haircut for Women

Casual Short Haircut for Thick Hair

Oval face is well-known as the most perfect face shape ever. It is because this face shape is always suitable with any hairstyle model no matter what. It is not a big problem if you have tight curly hair type since you have the oval face. Cute bob casual short haircuts with shorter layer on both sides of head will give adorable effect for your perfect face.

Casual Short Haircut Inspiration

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