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Korea Girl Hairstyle Short Models to Imitate

Korean fashion style still dominates the world fashion trend collection this year. This Asian fashion style is very elegant and feminine for all women in the world including you. Well, the main concept of Korean fashion is grace and feminine accent application. No wonder that you will always look women in Korean fashion style is grace and feminine yet fashionable. Korea girl hairstyle short model is the best idea to complete your graceful fashion style in Korean look. This short girl hairstyle is available in numerous designs depending on your desire.

Korea Girl Hairstyle Short 2013

For tomboy girl, Korea girl hairstyle short models appear in short shaggy haircut style. As like longer shaggy haircut, this short shaggy haircut is cut randomly with long and short layers over your hair. Finally, your short hairstyle will look thin and smooth. This shaggy haircut is available with bang no matter how long it is. At this rate, we should ask your hairstylist to add the bang in appropriate length as you wish. According to the picture, mostly the Korean shaggy haircut is combined with under-eyebrow-length bang. This bang is arranged naturally on the front of your forehead. Sometimes, the same length of bang is arranged in side swept style. Thus, your wide forehead can be successfully covered by. Bob is another famous Korean girl short hairstyle. Unlike usual, this cute bob comes without the tapered cut on the front hair. It is available in medium length so that it can cover your ears.

Korea Girl Hairstyle Short Ideas

Korea Girl Hairstyle Short Cut

With shorter layer cut on the outer part of the hairstyle, you don’t have to worry about your thin hair. The shorter layer gives more volume on your thin hair so that it looks thicker than usual. Furthermore, this Korea girl hairstyle short bob involves little curly accent on the hair. This curled hair adds thicker texture on your thin hair. Uniquely, straight short bang is arranged to frame your cute face. And it is set in front drop bang style to cover your forehead cutely. If the short shaggy hairstyle above is suitable to emphasize your active character, this medium curled bob is perfect for you who want looks stylish and mature.

Korea Girl Hairstyle Short Images

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