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Red Carpet Updo Hairstyles to Reach the Best Fashion Score

In Hollywood, Red Carpet is a kind of prestigious event who is always waited by many talented celebrities in music and film. However, it is not all celebrities who can step on the Red Carpet. There, they will meet the host and then questioned about what they are wearing such as dress, suit, accessory, hairstyle and combination of those fashion items. Once your fashion style has been assessed, you and your fashion style will be extremely popular in the world. Unfortunately, we should be ready for the result since it may be a good or bad assessment for your fashion style in the Red Carpet. Thus, we must be careful in selecting and wearing of what we are going to wear in this prestigious moment. Here they are some recommended Red Carpet updo hairstyles to reach the best fashion score of yours.

Red Carpet Updo Hairstyles 2013

Once a gorgeous dress, shoes and accessory have been selected and ready, the Red Carpet updo hairstyles should be chosen gently. The first Red Carpet hairstyle is very trendy with Mohawk hairstyle alike. As like the original Mohawk hairstyle, the focus point of this hairstyle is located on the middle top of the celebrity’s head. High spiky hair usually stands bravely on the middle top of head onto the back part of head. At the same time, the short or shaved hair on both sides of this spiky hair is displayed tidily. Well, can you imagine that concept?

Red Carpet Updo Hairstyles Back View

Red Carpet Updo Hairstyles Ideas

However, this Mohawk hairstyle alike is worn by a beautiful actress using her long haircut. This may be a unique part. There is no shaved hair or hair which is cut shortly. The woman’s hair is still very long when this Mohawk hairstyle is applied. The shaved hair is created by brushing the side hair aside to the back. The rest of the hair will be gathered on the back to create a small bun. And then long hair on the middle top of head is rolled along to the back. This long hair is colored in brighter dye to emphasize the Mohawk punk concept. Some Red Carpet updo hairstyles are displayed in the pictures for more inspiration.

Red Carpet Updo Hairstyles Photos

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