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Korean Short Hairstyle for Young Ladies

It is better to keep your hair short when you are still young. Well, most young teenagers think they can maintain their long hair. In fact, many young teenager girls don’t do what they have concerned about their hair. No wonder that they commonly get much fallen hair as unhealthy hair symptom. Therefore, as her parents, it is better to suggest short haircut for them. Korean short hairstyle is one of recommended short haircut for those young teenager girls. The Korean hairstyle in shorter length is perfectly easy to maintain. Furthermore, it makes their young character is displayed crystal clearly through this fresh hairstyle.

Korean Short Hairstyle 2013

Are you Korean drama lovers? Well, this fact can help you to find the best Korean short hairstyle especially if you have a Korean star to imitate his or her hairstyle. There are some popular Korean stars that usually appear stylishly in their trendy hairstyle such as Song Hae Gyo, Boa, SNSD and many more. Song Hae Gyo is one of a popular Korean actress who commonly appears beautifully in different hairstyle model. She also has appeared in cute short hairstyle. Her hairstyle model is actually similar with bob hairstyle concept. In this case, the hair is cut in the same length so that there will no the tapered back haircut on this Korean hairstyle. This hairstyle is suitable for thin hair type in wavy and straight hair. Basically, this short hair covers your ears and part of neck stylishly. This short hairstyle is supported by short front drop bang style. This bang and hairstyle combination can create cute effect on your round or chubby face. Thus, don’t be shy to appear fashionably in this Korean short haircut.

Korean Short Hairstyle for Round Face

Korean Short Hairstyle for Girls

Another bob hairstyle involves thick straight hair type as media. As like the first bob hairstyle, this Korean short hairstyle is cut in the same length concept without tapered back cut. This bob hairstyle is very smooth and bright for cute girl. In the final result, this bob hairstyle looks like a helmet covering your head. It is displayed in the picture attached here if you feel confused with our explanation.

Korean Short Hairstyle for Women

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