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Wedding Hairstyles Round Face Style for Maxi Women

Marriage is for everybody no matter what someone would look like. It means wedding is available for maxi or big women. Well, of course it is also for skinny women. In general, maxi women have round face type. No matter what the hairstyle or veil is set, their face is always in round shape. That’s why they look so chubby especially when they apply wrong hairstyle. However, wedding hairstyles round face is given for you as maxi girl wedding hairstyle idea. Don’t be afraid to appear elegant with your round face. We can help you with some round face hairstyle ideas here.

Wedding Hairstyles Round Face Images

The basic information that must be understood when you have a round face is lengthening your hair. Longer and thicker hair can frame your round face perfectly. And longer hair can give thinner effect on your chubby cheeks. The second point is giving your longer hair more volume. There are several general types of hair. They are straight, wavy and curly with some subtypes. Straight hair is a kind of unluckiness for you who have a round face. The straight and thin hair precisely can not hide your chubby face properly. Fortunately, thicker straight hair with little fake curly accent can give thinner effect on your round face a bit. This volume concept also works to the wavy and curly hair. Fortunately, we don’t have to add more volume accent if you have already had wavy and curly hair. The next point in creating wedding hairstyles round face is bang. Bang is very important for round face type. The bang has to longer to frame your round face as like drapery. And it is better to set side swept bang instead of front bang style.

Wedding Hairstyles Round Face Styles

Wedding Hairstyles Round Face Pattern

Once you have understood about some points of appropriate hairstyle for round face, let’s find the best wedding hairstyles round face for you. High bun or hairdo is the best hairstyle in wedding for your chubby face. The high bun must be combined with long side swept bang to frame your face. The next round face hairstyle alternative is natural loose hair with little curly accent. Take little parts of your hair from the left and right side of face. And then bring them to the back and lock it with a rubber band. Let the rest hair looses naturally with curly accent on the point of hair.

Wedding Hairstyles Round Face 2013

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