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Wedding Hairstyles Korean Style Innovation

Wedding is a good time to show your seriousness in building a very close relationship with someone whom you love. In this special moment, many aspects must be considered and prepared well. One of important aspects is hairstyle. Well, various hairstyle models are very interesting to choose. But at least we should match the concept of hairstyle to the wedding dress. For you who love so mush with Korean fashion style, wedding hairstyles Korean can be the best option at marriage.

Wedding Hairstyles Korean 2013

Well, Korean includes in Asian area. No wonder that the styles of fashion and hairstyle are identical with Eastern concept. That fact involves the application of wedding hairstyles Korean style. However, no matter who wear the hairstyle, Korean hairstyle for wedding always becomes the best idea for your romantic bridal look. Let’s check the first Korean hairstyle. The first Korean wedding hairstyle is called hairdo bun. The concept of this bun hairstyle is equal as like Western bun hairstyle. The bun is placed on the back low side by using pins to lock it properly. In Korean hairstyle, less accessory concept is very important. Therefore, there is no any hair accessory which is applied to decorate the hair bun. The essential thing regarding to the Korean hairstyle is a method of how to make the bun itself. Sometimes, the hair is not only gathered from the front, up and side of head, it is usually also set in complicated braids. And then finally the braided hair is set in a small bun on the back.

Wedding Hairstyles Korean Simple

Wedding Hairstyles Korean Tutorial

The next wedding hairstyles Korean idea is half loose hair style. This style allows your long hair is divided into two parts. The half part of hair is allowed to hang naturally onto your back and shoulders. Another half part of hair is arranged as like a cap on the top of head. This second part is intentionally arranged simply yet cozy with ribbon and flower. And to make this hairstyle more natural, curly hair accent is applied on the loose hair part by using hot rolling iron. Those are some samples of Korean hairstyles for wedding.

Wedding Hairstyles Korean Styles

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