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Wedding Hairstyles Japanese Ideas in Modern Cut

Japanese is a source of Asian fashion style. This Cherry Blossom country is very popular with its Harajuku fashion style. Well, besides this youngest fashion style trend, Japan is also popular with its culture and religious matter. Wedding is one of cultural and sacral moment in Japan. In traditional term, Japanese wedding is quite complicated with many ceremonies and requirements. The Japanese traditional wedding dress even is more unique than the bridal ceremony. At this moment, a bride should wear a gorgeous white kimono with a big bun and veil. Well, it is very amazing. Can you imagine the wedding hairstyles Japanese in traditional style?

Wedding Hairstyles Japanese 2013

If you have ever watched a movie titled the Memoirs of Geisha, you will find the real wedding hairstyles Japanese traditional style look like though it comes in more complicated look than in the movie. You can see some pictures of it in this article. Well, following the latest era, Japan starts to move onto modern era and leave the conservative era. Some cultures from outside of Japan begin to appear among the society. And the society also starts to adapt with those new culture and tradition including international wedding tradition. No wonder that most young Japanese women prefer to wear a gown than Kimono at their wedding. However, the modern Japanese wedding hairstyle is similar with universal hairstyle for wedding. Japan only applies some modifications which can display much of Asian accent onto their appearance. A simple cute hairstyle is enough to make a Japanese bride adorable.

Wedding Hairstyles Japanese Ideas

Wedding Hairstyles Japanese Kimono

This hairstyle only requires a simple flower as hair accessory. A rubber band is used to make ponytail hairstyle. And then this ponytail applies side swept concept. In final look, the ponytail hair will be located in front of your shoulder with a gorgeous blush flower as hair accessory. Another modern idea of wedding hairstyles Japanese only incorporates a hair band with corsage as ornament. The hair is let to fall naturally onto the back. In this case, the bride wears black wedding dress with red accent on certain parts including on the flower of hair band.

Wedding Hairstyles Japanese Cuts

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