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Square Solitaire Engagement Ring Collections

Once a woman has been decided to throw an engagement party with her beloved man, a nice engagement ring should be required for their symbol of this serious relationship. It is true that numerous ring models are available in the market. That’s why we must be selective in finding the best ring for us. If you are a man who is looking for a glorious ring for your woman, try to pick square solitaire engagement ring. It is a luxurious ring with square shaped diamond located on the platform. The square diamond is in a balance proportion so that it looks natural installed on thin round band. The engagement ring is basically made of white and yellow gold. This precious matter seems perfect to match the quality of the diamond stone.

Square Solitaire Engagement Ring 2013

First thing first, do you know the reason of why a ring is called as a solitaire ring? Solitaire ring means a ring with a single diamond or stone embellished on its platform. In this case, the square solitaire engagement ring only has one square shaped diamond as the ornament stone. Generally, every solitaire ring involves thin or slim round band as its basic ring shape. Of course this round band should fit your finger size in order to it is comfortable for long term wearing. In addition, with the single square diamond ornament, this slim engagement ring doesn’t always look so ordinary and cheap. Mostly, the diamond ring designers add some more diamond accent along the exterior side of the band. The diamond grains are arranged tidily along the band to accompany the bigger diamond stone on the middle part.

Square Solitaire Engagement Ring Ideas

Square Solitaire Engagement Ring Images

Some pictures of the square solitaire engagement ring are displayed in this post to inspire us. Those solitaire engagement rings are certainly elegant and contemporary with modest concept of single diamond stone. The square shaped diamond is basically grabbed by four sparkling prongs on each corner. Those prongs commonly appear with unique engraved details as additional ornament for this promise ring. Don’t be afraid to develop your ring design to be better by adding more details along the band such as carved nickname or engagement date.

Square Solitaire Engagement Rings

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