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Semi Formal Hairstyles for Cocktail Party

Semi formal hairstyles should be perfect to support your cocktail dress. This smart casual hairstyle is actually also suitable for other semi formal party such as homecoming, small wedding celebration and even birthday party. The main concept of the semi formal hairdo is similar with other formal and casual hairstyle. Yet, in this case, both hairstyle concepts are combined into once. Perhaps, you have ever read some related articles in this blog that write about semi formal hairstyle. Therefore, here we are going to give you little more inspiration about the smart casual hairstyle for cocktail party or other semi formal occasion.

Semi Formal Hairstyles for Curly Hair

The semi formal hairstyles may appear in loose long hairstyle. Even you may appear as natural as possible. On the other side, we have to know what should apply in order to keep your hair stunning without much touch on it. Yeah, curling your hair is the simplest method to make your loose long hair prettier. The method of hair curling is not difficult. We only have to ensure your natural is ready for this curling step. To give such curly accent on your straight hair, we can utilize hot rolling iron. Once some wisps of hair have been curled perfectly, just spray them up with hairspray. If it is necessary, applying lighter highlight in your dark hair color is a nice action to improve your appearance during the party. Swept side ponytail is the next semi formal hairdo model. This hairstyle is as easy as the first hairdo. Basically, the entire of the hair only has to set in tidy ponytail style. And then bring it to aside next to your neck. Decorate the swept side ponytail with a big flower or embellished hair pin or clip.

Semi Formal Hairstyles for Long Hair

Semi Formal Hairstyles for Women

Messy hairstyle is another stylish semi formal hairdo for cocktail party. The concept of this messy hairstyle is not difficult to understand and follow. However, we only have to set the hair as desire and then use your hand to create little messy accent over the hair. This messy hairdo style is the sexiest concept of the semi formal hairstyles for cocktail party.

Semi Formal Hairstyles Up

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