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Light Golden Brown Hair Color Natural Maintenance

Blonde hair until now still becomes very attractive especially for men. Mostly, men think that blonde haired women look wilder and naughtier. Some men even say that women with blonde colored hair are sexy like a hot angel. Well, perhaps that general statement is true. Unfortunately, if you don’t understand of how to keep your blonde hair, it will go unhealthy. And of course it can affect to your appearance. Here we are giving you a nice option of hair color trend that is arranged in healthy concept. Light golden brown hair color trends may be a good start to keep your natural blonde hair healthier and adorable.

Light Golden Brown Hair Color Chart

First thing first, we have to know the characteristic of healthy hair in order to recognize our hair healthy level. Generally, healthy hair is shiny and smooth. We can see the healthy hair appearance in the first picture. Based on the picture, the light golden brown hair color looks very shiny and clean. This golden hair is certainly straight with no branches found. This kind of long blonde hair is always able to set in any hairstyle including bun hairdo. If you desire, you are allowed to let the hair flow naturally as like what we can see in the first picture. Applying unnatural treatment usually can damage the hair. Therefore, we should be careful in applying chemical mater on the blonde brown hair. The light golden colored hair ideally should be washed three times a week. Besides washing the hair every two days a week, we recommend you to do hair spa at least once a week. A capsule of hair vitamin is essential to keep your blonde hair shiny and smooth for long time.

Light Golden Brown Hair Color Garnier

Light Golden Brown Hair Color Tumblr

Or we can do traditional treatment for the light golden brown hair color at home by using natural matters like Aloe Vera, Coconut oil and many more. When you have more time and money on the weekend, why don’t you spend relaxing time by visiting hair salon? In this place, we can do whatever we want to keep our light golden colored hair healthy and beautiful.

Light Golden Brown Hair Color with highlights

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