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Pixie Cut Prom Hair Inspiration to Try

Attending in an exiting party like prom seems to be a must for everyone including you. Many prom dresses are available to support your beautiful appearance in this unforgettable moment. Besides the dress models which are elegant and glorious, there are some hairstyles which are recommended to complete your prom style. Pixie cut prom hair style is one of those creative hairstyle models to try. As like a fairy, pixie haircut offers cute and pretty hairstyle to adore. Mostly, the pixie hairstyle is covered by short haircut model. This short haircut is purposely created to emphasize women’s feminism though they appear in shorter haircut. Actually, the pixie hairstyle for prom doesn’t always come in very short haircut. Some pixie haircut models for prom are displayed below to give you more options to select.

Pixie Cut Prom Hair 2013

The most popular pixie cut prom hair style appears in very short haircut model as what the picture show to us. According to the photo, this short pixie haircut looks simple and perfect to display much cute accent of the women. In addition, this kind of short haircut is suitable for all face shape. Unfortunately, it is only a woman with straight hair only who can apply this very short hairstyle. Basically, the short haircut is applied with little messy detail on it. But overall, this haircut looks tidy as your natural crown. Short bang is arranged into double looks. The first look allows this short bang dropped on the front of your forehead, whereas the second look offers cuter style in side swept bang style. From side point of view, your ear is displayed without any hair covering it. And to emphasize the messy accent, short and long layers are combined on your pixie short hairstyle.

Pixie Cut Prom Hair Ideas

Pixie Cut Prom Hair Designs

The next pixie cut prom hair is recommended for wavy hair type. This kind of pixie haircut is longer than the very short pixie haircut. Furthermore, this haircut looks thicker with curly layers detail. Unlike the very short pixie hairstyle above, this second pixie haircut for wavy hair completely covers your ears under the curled hair layer. Longer side swept bang is arranged to cover at least a quarter part of your face.

Pixie Cut Prom Hair Images

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