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Hairstyles for Black Women with Long and Short Haircut

It doesn’t matter whether your hair is long or short, hairstyles for black women are usually identical with their original curly hair type. Well, only African American women have this kind of unique natural hair type. This hair basically looks like afro hairstyle. Mostly, the curled hair is thick and expands surrounding your face. Anyway, black women natural curly hair usually can not grow longer following the gravitation. In general, the curly hair will grow longer but it keeps standing in its first position. No wonder that most kids call people with this kind of hair as a lion.

Hairstyles for Black Women 2013

The thickness of the black women curly hair is different depending on their genetic. In general term, they are divided into three curly hair thickness levels. The first level is very thick curly hair. This kind of curly hair is very hard and curled tightly as like spiral tool. When this curly hair grows longer, it will form the afro hairstyle naturally. When you found your hair like this, punk hairstyle will look effective to keep you update and funky. This punk hairstyle only allows you to cut your hair shortly. You must remember that you only have to cut your hair on both sides of your head. And then let the hair on the middle grows as usual along the front to the back side of head. The second curly hair thickness level is medium. This kind of curly hair is smoother and thinner than the first curly hair level. The hairstyles for black women with this medium curly hair type must be easier to create. Let your hair loose naturally just like other hair type. Longer hair is better because it will hang longer following the gravitation. The shorter hair cut is applied, the thicker hair will be created.

Hairstyles for Black Women with Natural Hair

Hairstyles for Black Women with Long Hair

Thus, if you don’t like the afro hairstyle, growing longer hair will give your medium curly hair smoother look. The last curly hair type level looks equal with wavy hair type. In this case, the hair must be rougher with its curly texture than the wavy hair type. The hairstyles for black women with this curly hair are even simpler to create. More hairstyles are available to wear including shaggy, bob and even short haircut.

Hairstyles for Black Women with Short Hair

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