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Pink Camo Diamond Ring for Lesbian Couple

In the past, a kind of lesbian couple is forbidden in the society. Generally, it is only because of etiquette in the society which thinks that lesbian and gay relationship is a kind of repulsive disorder. That’s why there are no people who tell the truth that they actually have this kind of disorder in the past era. Nowadays, many countries apply democratic system to let the society choose and tell what they really want as desire. And it includes marrying someone whom they love no matter what the kind of relationship is. Well, on the other side, throwing a lesbian bridal seems unique moment in your life. Since you love her so much, why don’t you choose such romantic symbol to tie your deeper relationship at wedding? Pink camo diamond ring is a perfect choice.

Pink Camo Diamond Ring 2013

Pink tone on the pink camo diamond ring shows your feminine and girlish personality crystal clearly. And camouflage pattern or motif applied along the band brings such masculine and wild accent at the same time. Of course, this camo pink ring concept is very compatible for your special condition. The pink camo wedding ring can be designed similarly for both brides. Or the couple set of ring can be made differently as desire. Well, don’t forget to embellish a big diamond to make it prettier and romantic. White diamond is generally utilized to bright the pink camo ring. Usually, the white diamond is cut in certain shape such as Princess, Marquise, round, pillow, oval, pear and square. If you are creative enough, having different diamond cut on each ring will be effective to show which the girl and boy between both brides.

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A big diamond is commonly not enough to decorate the pink camo diamond ring as lesbian wedding rings. Some tiny diamond grains are selected to take this job. Most designers usually embellish these grains on both side of the big diamond. Several grains of diamond are intentionally applied on the front side of ring only. And sometimes, inside part of the ring is engraved with both brides’ initial name. Thus, much romantic scent can be felt thickly.

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