Dolce Gabana Zebra Dress Collection

Dolce Gabbana Zebra Dress 2013

Numerous outstanding dress designers have a big talent in designing various kinds of fabulous outfits in the world. One of them named Dolce Gabana. Well, as like Gucci and many more designer products, Dolce Gabana offers special characteristic of fashion for the customers. And today, Dolce Gabana promotes some Dolce Gabana zebra dress models as the latest exotic animal print ... Read More »

Corset Dress with Sleeves for Vogue Ladies

Corset Dress with Sleeves Black

Becoming a fashionable lady is one of every woman’s dreams in her life. Appearing up to date and interesting seems important to acknowledge their existence among the society. No wonder that following the latest trend of fashion becomes such a compulsory action which is commonly done by women. No matter what the occasion, choosing a nice dress may be something ... Read More »

Girls Occasion Wear Dresses for Flower Girl

Girls Occasion Wear Dresses 2013

When you find that your little daughter is asked by your relative to be her or his flower girl, don’t be afraid to say yes. Most mothers feel confused when their daughters are chosen as flower girls in a wedding ceremony. The biggest problem coming with this moment is the bad ability of those mothers to pick their daughter’s flower ... Read More »

Modern Wedding Dresses Design in Simple yet Irresistible Cut

Modern Wedding Dresses 2013

Have you ever read or open a wedding magazine? In that magazine, usually the writer writes about everything regarding to the wedding moment including theme, decoration options, menu, location or destination, concept, tips and tricks related to the guests and some wedding dresses collection. If you have read the magazine, you will find that so many wedding dresses designs are ... Read More »

Wedding Dress Lace Concept with Sleeves

Wedding Dress Lace Back

The most romantic wedding is a moment where a lover couple finally pledges their wedding vows in front of God, family, relatives and people who know them. No matter what, this romantic moment at least should be supported by some aspects spread over the wedding venue. Wedding dress is one of those essential aspects that should be worn by the ... Read More »

Easy Dress Patterns for Women

Easy Dress Patterns for Beginners

Sometimes, everyone wants to wear something different from others. One way to deal with it is by finding a great clothes pattern to deliver into your favorite seamstress. Or we can visit some boutiques where we can find various custom or exclusive dresses to match with your desire and shape. Designing your own homemade dress is one of the simplest ... Read More »

Peacock Print Prom Dress in Spectacular Ideas

Peacock Print Prom Dress Images

Peacock is a kind of bird which can not fly. It is a big bird with extraordinary feather. Well, the peacock feather print and color is extremely different from other birds. If you see the pattern, you will know some reasons of why people fall in love with it. Generally, the peacock feather consists of several tones combination such as ... Read More »

Modern Country Dresses in Casual Styles for spring

Modern Country Dresses Images

Generally, country fashion style is associated with such a traditional concept seen on its design. This traditional concept typically involves some typical accents such as rustic, romantic and free style to beautify the country dress. Old fashioned atmosphere is also displayed crystal clearly on some dresses with country fashion style. Now, following the latest trend of fashion, the country style ... Read More »

Plus Size Elegant Dresses Innovation for Maxi Ladies

Plus Size Elegant Dresses for Wedding

Hey, maxi ladies! Don’t even think to hate yourself because of your big shape. Nowadays, so many ways to make this big shape beautiful are too attractive to miss. Thus, in this opportunity, we only have to glad for your shape as they way it is and find out the best method to treat it as a nice godsend for ... Read More »

Casual Tunic Dresses for a Luxurious Lady

Casual Tunic Dresses loose

Casual tunic dresses are famous lately especially in Asia like Korea and Japan. Many luxurious women usually appear fashionably in their tunic. Recently, the tunic itself comes in different style from the original shape. If basically we know tunic is a kind of loose sweater, currently this warmer outfit is commonly worn as a mini dress by women. The tunic ... Read More »