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Dolce Gabana Zebra Dress Collection

Numerous outstanding dress designers have a big talent in designing various kinds of fabulous outfits in the world. One of them named Dolce Gabana. Well, as like Gucci and many more designer products, Dolce Gabana offers special characteristic of fashion for the customers. And today, Dolce Gabana promotes some Dolce Gabana zebra dress models as the latest exotic animal print fashion trend in the world. Well, those zebra dresses include several outfits for women which are made in casual and formal concepts. Let’s check them out below then.

Dolce Gabbana Zebra Dress 2013

Multifarious Dolce Gabana zebra dress models are very fabulous to reveal. One of the dresses is purposely designed casually to support every woman’s trendy casual fashion style. Basically, this time, the outfit appears as hot pants. Based on its theme, the hot pants are covered by white and black zebra print. To match the scheme of zebra print, Dolce Gabana combines this cute pant with stylish black long sleeved top. This black top is made of shirt with loose waist that is very casual and enjoyable for hangout costume. High cut concept at the front part of the shirt displays a big scale of zebra printed hot pants fashionably. Thus, we don’t have lift our black shirt up to show off our stylish zebra hot pants. Well, Dolce Gabana also provides short dress for your cocktail dress. This dress involves unique zebra print. Unlike usual, this time, the zebra line pattern has little wavy accent on its line print. And it makes this short straight dress more beautiful and chic.

Dolce Gabbana Zebra Dress Concept

Dolce Gabbana Zebra Dress Designs

If you love coat, one of zebra printed dresses designed by Dolce Gabana comes in incredible animal printed coat concept. It is just like usual other knee-length coat with full of black and white zebra print spreading over the entire surface of the coat. This coat is stylish with single closure and wide parted collar lied on your collarbone. Every woman may wear a simple black or white tank top under this coat. And don’t forget to wear skinny jeans or black legging and boots to complete this exotic Dolce Gabana zebra dress coat.

Dolce Gabbana Zebra Dress Ideas

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