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Men’s Dress Vests for Elegant and Cool Gentlemen

As everybody knows, in general, almost all women around the world love smart guys. Although their criteria about smart term here is different from one to another, the word of smart is still always essential on every guy’s appearance. Anyway, people learn something to make their life better in the future. One innovation has been done by some men attire designers by producing some men’s dress vests. Vest is usually known as more ordinary version of blazer. The function is basically equal with blazer, yet it looks more casual than the blazer itself. Unlike what we usually know in the past, currently most young and adult men prefer to appear smartly in vest.

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They usually wear the blazer just for some formal occasion such as attending an evening party and some ceremonies. When they come to work at an office, men’s dress vests seem more attractive and simpler for them. No wonder that many men formal wear designers apply some modifications on this vest. As the result, the vest which commonly looks simple now appears in extraordinary look with details, textures, colors and patterns. How to wear the vest is also quite different from usual method. Some men become more fashionable lately. That’s why we can directly fall in love with a man who successfully mixes and matches his formal dress shirt, pants and vest in such a way. With this article, we purposely give you several photos of men with their vests to inspire you. According to the pictures, several vests collection appears complete with their dress shirts. They are basically displayed in mix and match ideas. Thus, you can get the best inspiration from the pictures.

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We can start to see the first men’s dress vests shown in the picture here. Based on the picture, the vest has double layers which look very elegant and classy for the gentleman. With the double layers, every layer involves different color for another. Thus, the combination of colors can be displayed crystal clearly. In this case, the first shown men’s vest offers grey as internal layer and navy as external layer tone. Every vest layer also incorporates some buttons to fasten in any style you wish.

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