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Mariah Carey Straight Hair Style in 2013

Becoming old and older in her golden age, Mariah Carey tries her best to stay fashionable and fabulous in front of camera. As a talented singer in America, she is always seen adorable with different hairstyle model. She has tried to wear long curly hair, weaves hair and even straight long hair in her new fashion style 2013. Well, Mariah Carey straight hair is a kind of fresh touch on her fashion style until today. With her round face, she usually chooses the safest hairstyles that can thinner her face shape. Tight curly hairstyle may be the most often hairstyle which is selected by Mariah Carey. And it works effectively on every performance of Mariah even until she has become a hot mama.

Mariah Carey Straight Hair 2013

Mariah Carey straight hair style in this year seems quite unique to discuss. There will be many pros and contras regarding to her new hairstyle in straight cut. Let’s find several pro comments from her fans which are talking about her new straight haircut. For some years, Mariah Carey is very identical with her long curly blonde hair. She is always seen with her light blonde curly hair no matter where and when she appears. Today, she appears differently with new long straight blonde hair. This new hairstyle makes her fresher and energetic as a hot mama. The straight long hairstyle is as simple as usual. It is very smooth with glossy healthy blonde tone. There is no bang covering her big oval face. She prefers to part her long hair into two parts on the middle. Overall, the straight hairstyle of Mariah Carey is fabulous for her new fashion style along 2013.

Mariah Carey Straight Hair Photos

Mariah Carey Straight Hair Images

Besides some pro comments, there are some contra comments said by Mariah Carey fans. With Mariah Carey straight hair, she certainly looks fresher and young. Unfortunately, the straight long hair is not effective to thinner her round face. Well, this straight hair perhaps can be suitable for her in last decade. But it won’t fit her chubby old face right now. Furthermore, she looks careless with her wide forehead which ideally should be covered by bangs.

Mariah Carey Straight Hair Styles

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