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Korean Auburn Hair Straight Ideas for Girlish Ladies

It is still all about Korean hairstyle. We have discussed about Korean hairstyle in short and medium length. Today, we are going to discuss Korean auburn hair straight ideas in longer hair length. Auburn means blonde. But the blonde scheme is not in golden tone as like usual blonde hair look. It comes in red scheme with brighter highlight sometimes. Some photos uploaded in this article show us several samples of the Korean straight hairstyle in auburn tone. Let’s find the best one for you.

Korean Auburn Hair Straight 2013

The first photo shows us a cute woman is sitting in an outdoor cafe with a plate of hotdog and a glass of strawberry milk shake on the table. She looks stylish and young with her very long hair cut. This Korean auburn hair straight involves two red color scheme levels to combine. The right half hair is covered by red velvet hair color, whereas another half of hair is covered in pink hair color. In the red velvet hair, sometimes we can see pieces of pink hair. It is similar with brighter highlight in darker hair color. The long straight hair looks very smooth with flat concept on the point. This cute teenager has heart face so that she applies short dropped bang to hide her wide forehead. You may notice three others Korean auburn straight long hairstyle. One of them has very long natural straight hair in red velvet tone. Unlike the first hairstyle, this long straight hair has little curly accent on the straight hair. This curly texture among the hair can give such messy detail on this long straight haircut. Thus, you can look sexier with that detail.

Korean Auburn Hair Straight Images

Korean Auburn Hair Straight for Women

Another Korean auburn hair straight style appears in caramel hair tone. This hair is not long enough than the first and second hairstyle samples. But the wavy texture of this hair gives more volume on the hair so that it looks thicker than both hairstyle samples above. A strand of braid is applied among the hair on the middle. In this case, we use thin white ribbon to emphasize the braid between the caramel hairs.

Korean Auburn Hair Straight Styles

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