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Green Lantern Ring for Superhero Fashion Style

Green lantern ring is quite famous among the society as a weapon of a superhero named Green Lantern. It is a kind of manly ring with full of green tone covering the ring. Furthermore, this ring is very outstanding due to its glowing feature. Well, it is true that this ring can glow in the dark with its green stone as the ornament. Although the Green ring is always displayed on the Green Lantern movie only, in fact, there are many people who love the design of the ring. No wonder that many ring designers start to create the imitation of this Green Lantern band.

Green Lantern Ring Colors

Have you ever seen the Green Lantern ring? Well, with this article, we will show you several green rings collection which is able to glow in the dark. Some Green Lantern bands shown in the pictures appear in similar shape. It is a metallic ring with beautiful emerald green detail at the front and side area. The green matter looks very deep and elegant to reflect the green accent onto anything around it. Metal material is found at the back side of this Green Lantern band. The solid combination of the green and metal material found on this superhero ring creates such a gorgeous Green Lantern typical symbol on the platform area. This popular Green Lantern symbol is decorated by a green ball. This ball seems simple at the first sight. Yet, with a smart system inside the ring, this simple ball can glow periodically. It seems this superhero ring has a button somewhere to push so that the ball can glow instantly.

Green Lantern Ring for Sale

Green Lantern Ring Real

The first Green Lantern ring sample is quite darker with its glorious green material. If you want to wear a bright ring, we have another sample of Green Lantern band which is made of brighter material. The concept of ring is quite similar with the first ring. But this time, the brighter ring has bigger platform where the Green Lantern symbol is engraved. Unlike the glowing ring before, this brighter ring doesn’t have any glow-in-the-dark ball as the ornament stone. That glowing ball is specifically replaced by the application of green diamond.

Green Lantern Ring Replica

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