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Engraved Promise Rings for Men in Love

No matter how strong and cool, man is just an ordinary human being who also needs attention from his woman. No wonder that most women admitted that they are confused and surprised with their men attitude change drastically in certain time. This attitude change sometimes is signed by the appearance of engraved promise rings for men in love. Generally, men have an appointment with couple ring engraver without their women. They will ask the engraver to carve some words to express their deep love feeling. And then suddenly, they propose their women by using that engraved promise ring. How romantic their proposing method is?

Engraved Promise Rings for Men Collection

Anyway, the engraved promise rings for men in love are a creative way if you want to create unforgettable moment in your love story. The most favorite engraved wedding ring design involves love expression engraved along the ring band. In general, the ring will be designed in plain. It means the ring is made of white or yellow gold without any stone or artistic carving detail. The ring will only incorporate a short love expression in words or phrase such as “Love”, “True Love”, or “I found Love, and Love was you”. Usually, these love expressions are engraved along the external side of the ring band. But it doesn’t matter if you want to apply it on both internal and external sides of the ring band. The engraved promise ring doesn’t always require some love words or phrase only. The rings are typically featured with unique pattern to support those love expression such as heart shaped line to frame the love phrase.

Engraved Promise Rings for Men Styles

Engraved Promise Rings for Men Designs

We can see a sample of the engraved promise rings for men with heart shaped line between the love words. There is a couple ring set which is designed in similar concept. Both promise rings are made of white gold with little black and yellow gold accent on each heart shaped line of men and women ring. A full heart shape will only be displayed when both rings are placed close each other. And they vertically look so romantic with “Love” word engraved under the heart line.

Engraved Promise Rings for Men Couple

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