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Wedding Hairstyles Real Brides with Bun

Wedding Hairstyles Real Brides Designs

Wedding is not complete without a gorgeous dress, shoes, chapel train, jewelry and veil. Veil and chapel train are two ordinary items which are usually found in wedding dress set. The chapel train is typically installed on the back side of the wedding dress. This train follows the bride anywhere she is walking to elegantly. The veil is a kind ... Read More »

Wedding Hairstyles Side Swept Trendy Models

When you are going to throw a wedding procession, many things must be prepared well including your appearance as a lovely bride. Once a wedding dress has been chosen, we should also select a beautiful hairstyle to match the dress style. Wedding hairstyles side swept is one of a trendy hairstyle model for bridal. This kind of hairstyle is simpler ... Read More »

Wedding Hairstyles Retro Concept Ideas

Wedding Hairstyles Retro 2013

Retro wedding dress style is very identical with tea-length dress cut. The dress is very elegant in A-line dress cut. The sleeves and neckline cuts are available in various models. It depends on your desire to wear it in the big day. Some samples of retro style wedding dresses can be read in the previous articles before. Now, let’s talk ... Read More »

Wedding Hairstyles Short Curly Hair a La Lady Diana

Wedding Hairstyle Short Curly Hair 2013

Do you still remember Lady Diana? Well, yes, she is a mother of Prince William and Harry. She was very beautiful with her short curly hair. Nowadays, we are going to bring her majesty short curly hairstyle to this modern era. Wedding hairstyles short curly hair in this modern era is quite different from the era of Princess Diana. Currently, ... Read More »

Wedding Hairstyles Shoulder Length Concepts

Wedding Hairstyles Shoulder Length 2013

In general tradition, wedding always comes with various things in white, beautiful and formal including bride’s hairstyle. The hairstyle of the bride usually comes in bun concept as one of hairdo idea. Bun is certainly very formal and perfect at wedding. Unfortunately, it looks very conservative for modern bride. Most modern brides lately prefer to loose their hair naturally on ... Read More »

Bright Red Hair Dye to Attract Attention

Bright Red Hair Dye 2013

Everybody has different thought, personality and character. Some people are calm, simple and practical, while the others are cheerful, active, easy going and sometimes want to attract much attention from people surrounding them. Well, there are numerous ways to attract much attention in the society. It involves fashion which becomes main point in influencing your appearance. Besides clothing and following ... Read More »

Dark Brown Hair with Highlights for Hot Woman

Dark Brown Hair with Highlights 2013

Hairstyle is another fashion topic which is often talked about in the society especially by women. Well, the hairstyle is not always related with hair cut or hair type arrangement. It is also related to the innovation of hair which is typically applied to fresher someone’s appearance. Hair dying and highlight are two innovation ideas which are recommended for more ... Read More »

Red Velvet Hair Color Ideas for Brave Girls

Have you ever seen or touched velvet? Well, velvet is kind of high qualified fabric which has very smooth texture. Velvet is usually used to make dress, jacket, pants and boots. Various color options appear as another feature of velvet such as red velvet to reflect the elegance. Currently, red velvet scheme is also applied as hair color innovation on ... Read More »

Brown Hair with Blonde Chunks for Clear Face Line

Speaking of brown hair with blonde chunks is similar as like talking about a cake with topper. Well, the cake may be not complete without the topper as well as the brown hair without brighter chunks. In this modern day, fashion develops better than the previous fashion style. It includes some hairstyle ideas for women. The application of highlight seems ... Read More »

Long Curly Hair Guy Cuts for Sexier Look

Man can be an adorable and exciting creature when he comes in a perfect way. As like women, men have even more attention on their daily appearance though naturally they seem not care of their look. This fact is reinforced by the appearance of fashionable apparels, accessories, cosmetics and hairstyle ideas collection floating on the earth. Hairstyle is one of ... Read More »