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Wedding Hairstyles Real Brides with Bun

Wedding is not complete without a gorgeous dress, shoes, chapel train, jewelry and veil. Veil and chapel train are two ordinary items which are usually found in wedding dress set. The chapel train is typically installed on the back side of the wedding dress. This train follows the bride anywhere she is walking to elegantly. The veil is a kind of headpiece for the bride. Most veils for wedding are made of tulle, lace and net. The design of veil is commonly influenced by the wedding dress design. But it doesn’t always make you think that we can appear elegantly with only a stylish veil covering your head. Wedding hairstyles real brides with bun is still crucial to ensure your appearance quality.

Wedding Hairstyles Real Brides Designs

Veil is only worn at the first part of wedding procession. In this case, the bride will always wear the veil during the wedding vows whether in altar or anywhere during the wedding procession. This veil will be released when the bride appears in the wedding reception so that it doesn’t disturb her movement during the reception party. That’s why we should wear cute wedding hairstyles real brides under the veil for this final moment at the reception. Bun is the most popular wedding hairstyle for the bride. It is simple to make by using your own hair or fake bun extension. Generally, the bun is made and set on the back. It is usually located right above your neck. Unique hair brushing method is commonly applied on the top of head. And then the hair is pulled down and set as a big or small bun. This bun may be plain with only some pins to keep it neat. It also may be more gorgeous with hair accessory such as flower, embellished pins and tiara or crown.

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Wedding Hairstyles Real Brides 2013

Bun and loose hair combination is perfectly available for you. This kind of wedding hairstyles real bride with bun is unique with loose hair dazzling under the bun. The half part of hair is set in bun, while the rest is allowed to hang under the bun. We can use long ribbon to decorate the bun and the curly loose hair. Or simply wear a crown or tiara to make you appearing as like a royal princess.

Wedding Hairstyles Real Brides Ideas

Wedding Hairstyles Real Brides Designs

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