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Beads for Hair Little Girls from Africa

African girl generally has tight curly hair as her natural hair type. This type of hair is quite difficult to arrange. It is because mostly the hair looks untidy and widely covers her small head. That’s why most African girls and women always ensure their hair tidiness by applying braided hairstyle. In this case, beads for hair little girls can make that simple braided hairstyle more cheerful and stylish. However, the beads are made of plastic which are usually colorful and chic. No wonder that many little girls will love it.

Beads for Hair Little Girls 2013

In general, the application of beads for hair little girls doesn’t take too much effort and time to install. Based on the original natural curly hair type, most African or African American girls create many small braids hairstyle to dominate the hair. And finally those small braid strands are decorated by some colored plastic beads. The shape and size of the beads can be different from each other. It depends on you who apply the beads as hairstyle ornament. Ideally, the plastic or glass beads appear in small size with embellishment on it. On the other side, this hair accessory also comes simply without any embellishment on it. A bright color is enough to make the bead eye-catching among the little girl’s hair. All of hair beads for African girl are easy to install and uninstall. We only have to unlock the beads and then clip the braided hair with. And then lock it well by pressing it gently with your finger and thumb. Sometimes, the beads for little girl have very different shape as usual. Basically it is designed as like normal rubber band for hair. But in this case, this rubber band consists of two small beads as ornament.

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Thus, when the rubber band is applied to tie your curly braided hair, both beads will hang cutely following your movement. Well, plastic beads for little girls from Africa are certainly cheaper than the glass beads. In addition, this cheaper bead type has more options of color to choose than the glass beads. And don’t worry it will fall when you increase the activity; it is because the plastic beads are intentionally designed lightly than the glass beads.

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