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Backless Wedding Gown in Rustic Style

In this summer, it is better to throw an outdoor wedding concept. This concept of bridal is suitable to give you more opportunity in feeling much nature nuance during the party. And this wedding concept will be perfect, if it applies rustic theme. Well, today, rustic wedding theme offers gorgeous idea of backless wedding gown to wear by the bride. This wedding gown is specifically created to support the concept of rustic bridal in outdoor wedding concept no matter where the destination is.

Backless Wedding Gown Designers

The backless wedding gown certainly has its own feature to attract many brides to wear it. This bridal gown is typically made ordinarily with a keyhole on the back side. And in fact, it doesn’t stop on that keyhole part only. The backless gown for bridal is popular with some additional materials to cover this big or small back keyhole. Lace is the most favorite material which is utilized to cover the backless hole. The lace usually comes with specific pattern such as floral or abstract. Tulle is another additional material which is typically used to cover the backless cut on the back side of the gown. The special texture of the tulle makes the gown with backless more luxurious. Other innovation of the backless wedding dress offers low back cut to replace the keyhole detail on the back side of the gown. The low back appears simpler than the backless since it is applied depending on the type of straps or sleeves of the gown.

Backless Wedding Gown Ideas

Backless Wedding Gown Sydney

Some pictures in this article show us a gorgeous design of backless wedding gown with straps and sleeves detail. Basically, the dress is made with tank top straps showed on the front side of the gown. On the back side of the gown, the straps from the left and right shoulders are crossing each other. And finally this crossing line creates a gorgeous backless cut on the back. On the image here, it shows that the backless gown looks elegant with Rose attached on the middle part of the crossing straps. More Roses in white are attached on the lower parts of the backless cut as ornament.

Backless Wedding Gown with Bow

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