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Updo Hairstyles Prom Bun Ideas for spring

Bun is very popular as updo hairstyles prom idea. The application of bun is actually similar as like ponytail concept. But basically the bun keeps your hair staying together in a knot. This hair knot is typically located on the back side of your head. Sometimes, with some modern innovations, the bun knot is located on the lower side of your head. This hair bun innovation seems attractive and effective to beautify your appearance in spring. Well, today, we are going to give you some ways to appear sexy in standard updo bun hairstyle. Some methods are used to make those bun hairstyles. Thus, check them out then.

Updo Hairstyles Prom 2013

Some photos of celebrities with updo hairstyles prom are given for you as inspiration samples. The most general hair updo for prom which is commonly chosen by adult women is high bun. This bun is just as simple as usual. Basically, the bun is created by gathering the entire hair and then uniting them into a bun knot. This bun knot is arranged tidily and then located on the upper back part of your head. Generally, most women prefer to add an accessory to beautify the bun. That’s why tiara, crown, metallic hairpin and flower are selected to cover the bun as ornament. But some other women prefer to appear as natural as possible without any accessory attached on the bun. In this case, they prefer to apply longer middle parted bangs to frame their cute face. Messy accent can be added on the end of your hair on the back and bun. This messy accent will make your appearance sexier naturally.

Updo Hairstyles Prom Short Hair

Updo Hairstyles Prom Samples

French braid can be another hair ornament replacing. This bigger braid strand is usually applied on the topper side of head as like hair band. We don’t require any hardware or accessory to make this updo hairstyles prom elegant. The French braid is quite enough since it has been popular as Greek Goddess hairstyle. If you really want to appear as natural as possible with no ornament attached on the bun, it will be better to ensure your bun beautiful from the start. Try to create a unique shape on the bun knot such as flowers made of your original hair.

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