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Medium Short Hair Curled for Chic Ladies

Have you ever seen afro hairstyle? Afro hairstyle is very popular within 1970-1990. Mostly, only African American men and women wear this afro hairstyle. It is because they have original hair type which is curly and thick to make the afro hairstyle. Currently, many white people love the afro hairstyle so much. Although their hair doesn’t support it, some modifications are created to make the afro hairstyle suitable for everyone. Therefore, medium short hair curled is created as one of the afro hairstyle modification for women. Unlike the original afro hairstyle, the medium short curled hairstyle is thinner and smoother.

Medium Short Hair Curled 2013

Basically, the medium short hair curled is intentionally created to give an opportunity in wearing the afro hairstyle for white people who don’t have thick curly hair type as like the black people.  According to the pictures, this medium short curled hair is suitable for any kind of hair including straight, wavy and thin curly hair. A basic action that should be done if you want to apply this hairstyle is curling your hair. Well, this action seems very recommended for those women who have straight and wavy hair. At the first step, those curled hairs are cut in medium length. The end of the medium hair length is under your ears or lower neck. Thus, you can ensure it for this new innovative afro, can’t you? The curled hair comes in different thickness. It depends on your hair type and desire. If you really want to emphasize the afro style, you can add the thickness level of your curly hair.

Medium Short Hair Curled Images

Medium Short Hair Curled Ideas

The medium short hair curled is compatible with or without bang. Mostly, women prefer to apply side swept bang. This bang style is functional to hide their wide forehead bone. Usually, the side swept bang is quite higher than your eyes. In fact, some women precisely prefer to not apply any bang with this medium short curled hairstyle. Middle parted hair is quite famous among those women. By the way, there are some recommended tips to make your new afro hairstyle adorable. One of it is to apply gel over your curled hair to create such wet accent on your sexy hair.

Medium Short Hair Curled Styles

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