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Greek Goddess Hair Ideas for Formal Occasion

Greek goddess dresses have become very popular among women in the world. It is proved by many celebrities who wear this beautiful Greek dress in some prestigious events such as Movie or Music Award. Wearing the Green goddess gown in this formal occasion is not complete without applying Greek goddess hair ideas. In this case, the Goddess hairstyle is intentionally created to support your graceful appearance in the Greek formal gown. In general, the Greek Goddess hairstyle is not the same like other hairstyle for formal occasion. What does make this hairstyle not equal as like other hairstyle? Let’s find them below.

Greek Goddess Hair 2013

Unlike other hairstyles for formal occasion, the Greek goddess hair style appears in simple arrangement concept but it always looks graceful and elegant. There are two styles of the Greek hairstyle. The first style is updo bun style with French braids. Generally, your long or medium haircut will be brushed gently to create such smooth texture on it. If you want to apply bang, side swept bang would work effectively to give sexy accent on your appearance. On the other hands, middle parted bang is actually quite pretty for you. Once the bang has been arranged well on its position, some pieces of hair on both sides of your top head are braided in French style. The braid is bigger than usual. And it is attached on the top of your head. No wonder that it can be seen well. Both ends of the French braids are finally grabbed and locked together on the back. A little part of these braids is typically arranged with the rest of your hair to be a simple bun on the back.

Greek Goddess Hair Prom

Greek Goddess Hair Braids

The second style of the Green Goddess hair style comes in side swept hairstyle. This time, simple ponytail with curly hair is enough to show your grace. The rest of your ponytail hair is usually swept crossing over your shoulder. At the same time, some curled hairs are arranged to frame your beautiful face. At this rate, you may apply side swept bang or front dropped bang to support this elegant Greek Goddess hairstyle.

Greek Goddess Hair Updo

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