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Korean Wedding Hairstyles a la Girl Generation

Are you Korean boy and girl band fanatic fans? Or do you love Korean movie, drama and music so much? We will not blame you when you taken the Korean theme for your wedding ceremony and reception. Korean fashion style is definitely fabulous and fresh especially for its Asian fanatic fans. No wonder that many women prefer to throw their wedding with Korean decoration theme including their dress for bridal and the hairstyle. Korean wedding hairstyles may be very irresistible for you all. Until now, Girl Generation or SNSD becomes the most popular Korean girl band group which has so many fans around the world.

Korean Wedding Hairstyles Ideas

That’s why we select four samples of the Korean wedding hairstyles a la Girl Generation to be your inspiration in choosing the best one. One of fourth beautiful SNSD members named Tiffany. She is very cute and adorable with her long natural haircut. As like Jessica SNSD, many women and men love her because of her natural face look. No matter what the truth about their plastic surgery, Tiffany seems to have more natural face look than the other members. As a model of Korean bridal hairstyle, Tiffany appears with very unusual hairstyle concept. Well, her bridal hairstyle is called as Hat hairstyle for bridal. However, Tiffany’s hairstyle looks as like a cowboy hat. At this rate, Tiffany’s long hair is arranged in updo style with wide bun located on the front and back. As like a stylish cowboy hat, her hairstyle is set asymmetrically.

Korean Wedding Hairstyles Images

Korean Wedding Hairstyles Unique

Another cute member of Girl Generation is Sunny. She is the shortest member of SNSD girl band. With his petite body shape, Sunny looks very elegant with side swept bun updo. Fashionable France braid is applied to cover her bang. In general, her braided long bang is used as like a headband. For finishing touch, Sunny wears a very big butterfly knot made of blush tulle ribbon on her head. Of course her simple side swept braided hair updo is dominated by this very big embellishment. Perhaps, it can be a focal point of Sunny’s Korean wedding hairstyles concept to try.

Korean Wedding Hairstyles 2013

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