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Zebra Feather Prom Dress to Create the Glory

Zebra feather prom dress design concepts are divided into two styles. The first dress style consists of zebra printed fabric and feather combination. And the second concept is a prom dress that involves zebra printed feather print or touch. Well, we sure you will so confused about the second concept since it uses feather with zebra print. And everybody knows that it is impossible. In fact, some birds definitely have similar printed feather like zebra. In addition, currently everything becomes possible due to modern technology development. Fake or synthetic feathers for fashion are typically made with various concepts of color and pattern including zebra print. You are able to see the sample of the synthetic feather with zebra pattern below. The feather shown in the picture comes as a dazzling earring.

Zebra Feather Prom Dress Pattern

Now, let’s bring that zebra feather print sample and them apply it as main pattern concept for your prom dress. Another picture in this post shows us a stylish loose zebra feather prom dress. This high low prom dress looks pretty and elegant with its one shoulder strap. Furthermore, the one shoulder strap of this gown is decorated by sparkling sequins. That’s why it looks so eye catching than other prom dresses worn by your friends. Overall, we can see that this zebra feather pattern dominates the lower dress part only. Black and white gradation is displayed crystal clearly on the upper dress part. Both neutral colors in fact become unique since they contrast each other.

Zebra Feather Prom Dress High Low

Zebra Feather Prom Dress Short

Another zebra feather prom dress shown by the next picture appears in glorious ball gown cut. This strapless sweetheart dress is adorable with wavy ruffling attached along the ball gown skirt. The detail of black and white zebra stripes are displayed very clear on the entire surface of the gown. A little sheet of baby blue satin is finally used to sweeten black and white prom dress. If you prefer to benefit the synthetic feather, we recommend you to choose the first zebra print style. It is a short puffy dress with blue feathers covering the skirt. This strapless fairy prom dress looks very cute especially for teenager girl.

Zebra Feather Prom Dress Styles

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