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Blue Dress Outfit in Classy Style for Royal Women

A royal woman doesn’t always wear something wonderful and extremely expensive like gown or something similar. Check Kate Middleton out then! Is she a wasteful person? Or can you see her spend much time to show her royal gown off? Well, the answer is nope. Kate Middleton is a royal woman who can be imitated especially in dressing daily fashion style. This Duchess of Cambridge looks so modest and calm in her classy yet ordinary outfit. Let’s take an example, for instance blue dress outfit a la Kate Middleton.

Blue Dress Outfit Ideas

From a picture shown with this article, Kate Middleton is captured while wearing her three blue dress outfit models elegantly. She looks very wonderful and fresh while wearing every blue dress. The first blue dress is simple with double closure coat style. As like other blue dresses, this classy blue dress involves long sleeves cut. This short blue dress is quite thick so that it is suitable to wear in fall. As a formal outfit this blue dress is matched by a pair of black high heel shoes as well as the other blue dresses in the same picture. The second blue short dress looks more casual than the first one. Nevertheless, the second blue dress worn by Kate has its own feature that can make this beautiful Duchess adorable. The third blue dress more look like an enjoyable hangout dress for Kate. It is probably a sleeveless dress which is covered by simple black long sleeved blazer. The concept of the dress shape is equal with the previous blue dresses. Yet, there is an additional accessory that is worn by Kate to cover her natural caramel hair.

Blue Dress Outfit Lace

Blue Dress Outfit Pinterest

Well, imitating Kate Middleton’s classy fashion style is easy. You may wear similar blue dress collection with long sleeves cut. Or you can choose some sleeveless dresses in blue which are more casual and chic than those royal dresses collection. Some samples of those more casual blue dresses are displayed in this post to inspire you. Don’t forget to be selective. And ensure to choose the blue dress outfit based on your body shape.

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