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Pretty Zebra Print Prom Dresses for Hot Ladies

Utilizing some kinds of animal print as basic material to dominate your prom dress seems very exiting to imagine. Well, following the latest development, synthetic animal print or kinds of fabric with animal print become a nice alternative to replace the real animal print. However, we have to keep all animals in the world living normally in their habitat in order to our grandchild can see the wealth of this world. So many animal print ideas are attractive to choose including leopard, tiger, cheetah, jaguar and zebra. Zebra print can be a great choice to utilize as the basic material of pretty zebra print prom dresses.

Pretty Zebra Print Prom Dresses Ideas

Zebra print itself is identical with black and white color schemes with asymmetric lines arranged randomly on the entire part of fabric. Based on the latest trend of animal print dresses, the pretty zebra print prom dresses look very elegant with some innovative models. We give some samples of them with this article just for you. Thus, let’s see them in some pictures here. Hilo dress cut seems very unique to apply on your long prom dress. But it will not be as sexy as a long dress with high cut style. Well, the concept of high cut style is similar with the high and low dress actually. Yet, in this case, the high cut only shows some of your leg skin only when you are walking in it.

Pretty Zebra Print Prom Dresses Pink

Pretty Zebra Print Prom Dresses Short

Several long strapless dresses with high cut style are glorious uploaded in this post. The first pretty zebra print prom dresses come with sexy strapless sweetheart neckline with bright yellow accent on the upper part. The second zebra print prom dress offers electric pink tone to cover its one shoulder neckline. This dress comes in mermaid cut with no high cut on its skirt. The third long mermaid dress even comes in full shocking pink. The white and black zebra print is also available in pink and it is applied on certain parts of dress only like neckline and belt. A Shorter black and white zebra dress is displayed in the forth picture. This time, zebra print is mixed with orange leopard print on its skirt area.

Pretty Zebra Print Prom Dresses Hilo

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