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Women’s Short Hairstyles

There are various women’s short hair styles that every woman can get away with and love. Different styles match best with certain hair textures and face shapes. Before adopting some of these women’s short hair styles, you should first find out if you would look good in them. These tips may help you.

short hairstyle

1. FACE SHAPE – most women’s short hair styles would work best on perfect oval face shapes.


A great shoulder, a nice jawline and a long neck will make a short hairstyle appear flattering on you. A lady with a wide shoulder, short neck, or a double chin would appear better off with a short hairstyle which falls an inch below the chin.


Your hair texture is equally as important as your face shape. Hair texture s is grouped into four categories i.e. fine, frizzy, curly, coarse, wavy and straight. Each of these hair textures has its own rules for instance “fine hair does not look great long” and “curly hair does not look great short”

With those guidelines in mind, you can try some of these women’s short hair styles.

women's short pixie hair cut


The pixie short hair style has been around for quite a long time. It has undergone transformation to a modern one that looks choppy and texturized. A woman with thick, naturally wavy hair is more suited for this style. This style works best on ladies with oval, square or heart-shaped faces.


It’s also known as the pompadour or the Fauxhawk. Most celebrities have adopted this cool hairstyle that normally features puffy teased top and shaved sides. This hairstyle can fit anyone irrespective of her face shape as long as you have a coarse thick hair that can’t fall off.

women's bob hairstyle


This women’s short hair style has never gone out of fashion. Any lady with a good jawline and neck will appear smart in it. A round face would go well with a longer bob. A thin to medium hair texture will go well with bob.

Other trending women’s short hair styles are Super-short, edgy cuts, Demi-bob and the shag.

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