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Wedding Full Headdress a La Vogue Queen

When we are speaking of bridal moment, several things should be thought perfectly long time before the wedding celebration is thrown. Besides a nice theme to help us considering a proper wedding venue, decoration, menu and entertainment, a set of wedding dress for bride-to-be and groom-to-be is a must. Hairstyles is just a little aspect that also should be thought about well to support the appearance of the bride-to-be. Recently, applying a wedding hairstyle actually doesn’t enough. We have to prepare something which can make the bride-to-be appearing like a queen in her own bridal. We suggest you to wear wedding full headdress on your wedding hairstyle.

Wedding Full Headdress 2013

Unlike a wedding veil, the wedding full headdress is more beautiful with its hard platform to dominate its shape. Basically, it is made of hard embellishment such as beads, metal, rhinestones and many harder items. Those embellishments are purposely arranged in such a way to create a wonderful headpiece to decorate your bridal hairstyle during the wedding. Thus, finally, you look like a vogue queen in your own big day. Are you so curious with the full wedding headdress design? Let’s see some models of it in the pictures. Do you still remember about Cleopatra? Cleopatra is well known as the fairest woman in Egypt. She is popular with her glorious short bob hairstyle with golden headpiece covering her hairstyle. If you consider in appearing a la Cleopatra in your big day, we have a stylish wedding full headpiece showed in a picture. Generally, this full headdress is just like a crown with smaller shape surrounding your head.

Wedding Full Headdress Ideas

Wedding Full Headdress Images

Artistic engraving decorates the front area of the headdress. On both sides of your face, there are a tied of sage green tassels made of fabric. They look like simple strings which are functional to frame your beautiful face. On a right side of the headdress, a big flower with crystal tassels is installed. The application of the flower perfectly gives the wedding full headdress such a crowded details yet incredible to stare. Due to those tassels, we pretty sure you probably would look like Cleopatra in your own wedding kingdom.

Wedding Full Headdress Samples

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